You are with me in every one.

Sanford, FL – Friday, June 19th – Sunday, June 21st

Brunswick, GA – Friday, June 26th – Sunday, June 28th

Louisville, KY – Friday, July 2nd – Sunday, July 5th

Minneapolis, MN – Friday, July 10th – Sunday, July 12th

This trip is a chance for all of us to travel the country and hear the stories and thoughts of the citizens in each city I visit.  This is a chance for you to experience the trip with me as I will be documenting every step I take.

A “normal” documentary gathers footage and stories, compiles them into a narrative and presents it to an audience.  Our documentary will differ in that you will wake up with me in the morning and you will be with me until I lay my head down at night.  We will be together.  I will post footage, interviews, and photos as I am traveling.